Lámh Signs

Lámh Module 1 Course (Certified)   Course Description: Lámh Module 1 Course. Module 1 is a standalone course. Details below. What is Lámh? Lámh is a manual sign language system designed for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and communication


ST. SYLVESTERʼS COACHING COURSES Course Description: (GAELIC FOOTBALL COACHING COURSE) ● Leinster Coaching 2 Games Development ● ● Award 1 Youth and Adult ● ● Football Coaching Course ● For full information on courses and to register please contact: Padraig


Introduction to Radio broadcasting, podcasting and voiceovers.   Course Description: Radio…. Why after over 100 plus years does radio still cut through?  In a world over run with social media and lowest common dominator reality TV, why has radio not just


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