Introduction to Radio broadcasting, podcasting and voiceovers.


Course Description:


Why after over 100 plus years does radio still cut through? 

In a world over run with social media and lowest common dominator reality TV, why has radio not just survived, but thrived?

Because we like to talk. And listen. We like a story, a nose about, info, news, gossip…

Could you do radio? 

Could you bring your own podcast to life?

Could you sell a product using just your voice?

Like to try?

Our introduction to radio, podcasting and voiceovers will, over 8 weeks give you, a feel for life in media.

Over the course we will cover:

Voice overs – How to sell stuff using your voice.

Interviewing – Getting the best of interviewees.

Music Presentation – let the music do the talking.

Copy writing advertising – write a radio ad.

Copywriting- news – write a news report.

Radio Play – How sound effects (SFX) bring a story to life.

Social media and radio/podcasts – how these work hand in hand.

Podcasting – Can I do one too? Yes!

Equipment/ studio rooms – what can I build. Spending very little.

USB mic and PC time – playtime.

Course Day & Time: Monday evenings 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Start Date: 16/09/24

Enrolment: will open on Monday the 12th of August at 11am. You can enrol online then by clicking on Enrol Here with Easy Payments Plus button

Cost: €90

Course Format: In class with tutor. Maximum of 12 students

Duration: 8 weeks

Tutor: Marty Miller 

Radio and podcasting. Explained by a fella who’s on the radio. And does podcasts!

Hi there I’m Marty Miller, H.N.Dip. in Radio Broadcasting and Journalism.

Radio host with Radio Nova and sometimes seen on Virgin Media TV.

I been doing radio a long time now. I adore it. I want to show how much and give you an introduction to this still extremely popular medium, despite much competition from the digital world!

I play a part in peoples mornings daily and it’s a privilege to be invited in.

I’ve worked at all the big commercial radio stations in Ireland after starting at 16 years of age in Beaumont Hospital Radio. It’s been an amazing journey, that never gets old!

(Ask me about the time I once presented a hot hits music show and a country music programme at the same time. Live!)

If you’d like to dip your toe in all things radio, broadcast and podcast, sign up today.























Radio Broadcasting, Podcasting & Voiceovers

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