Indian Head Massage

Course Description:

The course includes:-

  • A seated massage that you can do for someone sitting in a chair. Qualified therapists can offer this as a corporate/office treatment, to create an extra income stream and increase their client base. 
  • Introduction to essential oils and how to use them for Indian Head Massage to treat headaches, stress, muscle tension, insomnia and more.
  • A 5 minute sinus treatment that is incredibly effective for sinusitis and hay fever.
  • Chakra balancing – a beautiful and relaxing energy healing technique that is deeply relaxing for your clients.  

This  course is suitable for:

1. Anyone who would like to treat a family member or friend

2. It is also suitable for Qualified therapists and complete beginners who would like to upskill and add a new treatment to their menu. Certification is given at the end of the course . Please note this certification is accepted by the professional bodies in Ireland and by Irish insurance companies as long as the student has done Anatomy and Physiology.

Course Day & Time: Thursday 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Start Date: 26/01/23

Cost: €110

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 10 weeks – Maximum of 12 students in class

Enrolment: You can enrol online from the 1st of December at 10am by clicking on the Enrol here Easy Payments Plus button.

About the tutor: Jenny Sheridan

Jenny has been practising and teaching holistic therapies including Indian Head Massage, Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Natural Facials and more for over 20 years. She has taught in private and public venues and she ran her own holistic centre, Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide for 7 years. Since 2017 she has been offering approved online training courses. Her website is , her Facebook page is Essentials Online Holistic Training and her Instagram account is @Essentials_Wellness_Online

Indian Head Massage

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