Course Description:

This course is intended for beginner! and no prior knowledge is required. Perhaps you’ve often looked up at the night sky and wondered “what’s really up there?” If so, this may be just the course for you!

Some Topics Covered:
• A close look at the planets and moons of our Solar System.
• Studying the Sun, our nearest star.
• Galaxies, taking a closer look at our own Milky Way Galaxy
• The life and death of stars.
• The expanding universe.
• A brief history of astronomy.
• A primer on binoculars and telescopes.
• An introduction to the constellations of the autumn night sky, with some practical sessions out under the stars.
• An introduction to some deep sky objects.
• “This Week In Space”: Keeping up to date on what’s of interest in space and space exploration right now.
• And much more!

Note: “Astronomy Stage 2” (an optional follow-on course) may be offered to those
who have completed Stage 1 and who may wish to further advance their knowledge of the heavens.

Course Day & Time: Tuesday evening 7.30 – 9.30

Start Date: 19/09/2023

Cost: €110

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 10 weeks

Enrolment: You can enrol online through our website by clicking on the Easy Payments Plus button. Enrolment will begin on Wednesday the 9th of August at 10am

Tutor: Michael McCreary

Michael is a member of the Irish Astronomical Society and has a keen interest in telescope repairs in particular.
















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