Woodwork – Marquetry Course



Course Description:

Unlock the artistry of woodworking in this 8-week night course on the topic of Marquetry. Marquetry, the ancient technique of creating intricate designs and patterns by skillfully assembling veneer pieces, takes centre stage in this hands-on adult education course. Throughout the program, students will delve into the tools, and techniques of marquetry while honing their skills through practical projects.

Key Course Highlights:

  • Familiarise yourself with essential marquetry tools and their applications.

  • Discover techniques for transferring and adapting patterns onto wood surfaces.

  • Master the art of veneer selection, cutting, and preparation.

  • Understand the nuances of wood grain and how it contributes to the overall design.

  • Explore methods for enhancing and preserving the natural beauty of wood.

  • Receive personalised guidance on proper tool handling and safety measures.

  • Practice precision in fitting and assembling veneer pieces.

  • Learn techniques for sanding, polishing, and achieving a flawless, professional finish.

Course Logistics:

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Frequency: 2.5 hours per night

  • Class Format: Interactive lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops

  • Target Audience: Adults with a passion for woodworking, from beginners to intermediate skill levels.


By the end of this course, participants will have acquired the knowledge and hands-on experience to confidently undertake marquetry projects. Each student will complete a final project, showcasing their newfound skills and creativity.

Course Day & Time: Monday evening 7.00 -9.30

Start Date: 16/09/24      

Cost: €190 (This includes cost of all materials needed for the class)

Course Format: In class with tutor. Maximum of 14 students.

Duration: 8 weeks (2.5 hours per night)

Enrolment: Enrolment will open online on Monday the 12th of August at 11am

Tutor: Jordan Harrison























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