Course Description:

POP Pilates 30 mins. class! The only certified instructor in Ireland.

POP Pilates is Pilates inspired moves set to contemporary Top 40 Hits designed by Cassey Ho from the USA.

What is the difference between POP Pilates and Classical Pilates?

1) the class is very intense

2) cardio involved

3) get ready for full body workout and sweat

4) you get strong and toned


Course Day & Time: Tuesday evening 7.00 – 7.30pm

Start Date: Autumn Term 2021

Cost: €60

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 10 weeks

Tutor: Darya Yegorina 

Daria is an experienced Pilates instructor:

Highly trained Classical Pilates Instructor with 0ver 10000 hours of teaching experience

  • Balanced Body Mat 1 Certification
  • POP Pilates Instructor Certified

Daria started doing Pilates when she had a back problems after office type of work as well as after having a baby. She had a very bad posture and was constantly tired having no energy. She tried Pilates classes as an extra offer at one fitness studio and totally fell in love with the method! A whole new world of intelligent and efficient movement came into her life. Then decided to go for teaching and promoting the method because she found it beneficial for herself and felt that Pilates must be promoted in the community so more people can benefit from it! Since then she has taught and studied with the best all over the world through reading, internet, Youtube and workshops. Daria has developed her unique way of teaching that helps everyone feel engaged and comfortable during the class.


Pop Pilates

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