Introduction to Music Production, Technology and Home Recording

Course Description:

Music production has changed considerably over the last 20 years, many of the most famous songs of the last decade have been produced in home recording studios with very limited budgets.

This course will show you how to start writing, producing and recording music at home by using widely available apps and software.

Over 10 weeks the focus will be on two aspects of creating music. Firstly, how to write music and songs, and secondly how to record, produce, edit, mix, master and publish your music.

From pressing record for the first time to mic placement, from how to write your first lyric to creating beats for your songs, this course will help you get started on your creative journey in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

A small amount of music knowledge is advantageous but not essential for this course. If you have an interest in gaining more detailed knowledge of how music is created, this course is also for you.

Overview of classes:

Throughout the 10 weeks the following will be introduced and covered:

The fundamentals of music writing and compositional techniques with focus on songwriting, melody, rhythm, harmony and the development of musical ideas.

Recording and production fundamentals focusing recording, mixing, panning, Midi instruments, VST instruments, audio effects, editing and mastering.

Class 1

-Music production, how it’s changed over the years with the development of technology.

-Introduction to music recording apps – what they do and understanding them.

Class 2

-How a song is written, developed and presented. Working with an idea and how to develop it.

-Using apps to record. What they show you and how to record with them.

Class 3

-Chord progressions and melodies from famous songs.

-Understanding the layout of Tracks and using multiple tracks. Introduction to mixing, track volume and stereo panning.

Class 4

-How a beat is created and how it enhances a song.

-Introduction to digital instruments and creating beats using apps.

Class 5

-Understanding how chords and harmony work and how to write a bass line.

-Multiple track recording.  Creating a bass line.

-Discussion on class assignment or project.

Class 6:

-Creating a working draft of a song or piece of music. The relationship between lyrics and music.

-VST instruments, piano rolls, digital synths. Midi instruments and how to use them.

Class 7

-Phrases in melodies and instrumental music. What they are and how to use them.

-Introduction to Audio effects: Reverb and delay.

Class 8 

-How to write a riff or instrumental introduction.

-Introduction to EQ, balance and mixing. Placement of instruments within the mix. Understanding bass and treble and the balance between them.

Class 9

-Writing music in different genres.

-Song Study: Introduction to basic mastering and creating your final version for publication.

-How to edit audio files and composite takes.

Class 10

Mic demonstration: A class workshop on mic placement and mic techniques.

Specific focus on mic placement for guitar, voice and piano.

This class will be a workshop on using mics and how to place them.

-Introduction to more advanced hardware: headphones, mics (dynamic and condenser), Understanding connections: mic and jack.

-Audio interface and desktop software


Course Day & Time: Monday evenings 7.15 – 8.45pm

Start Date: TBC 

Cost: €100

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 10 weeks – Maximum of 12 students in class

Tutor: Glen Austin

The tutor Glen Austin is an award winning music composer, arranger, and producer with over 14 years of teaching and lecturing experience.

Glen has worked with many renowned musicians such as Liam Ó Maonlaí, Brian Kennedy, Mundy, and American Folk Star and Grammy Winner Beth Nielsen Chapman

Glen’s original music and arrangements have been broadcast regularly on many of Irish radio’s prime time shows on BBC Radio Ulster, RTÉ Radio 1, and RTÉ Lyric FM.

Glen’s Music is available at the following links:

Glen Austin YouTube:

New Airs YouTube:

Glen Austin Spotify:

New Airs Spotify:

Glen Austin Website:

Music Production

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