MS Excel – Automation

Course Description:

A 10 week course covering the fundamentals of programming with Excel VBA.  Since its release, Excel has come with a complete programming language and development suite installed with it. And with this programming we can build programs (Macros)  that can automate the most simplest of tasks. These programs can be attached to a button on a form, spreadsheet or even the tool bar and run on command.  Hours of work can be recorded and converted into a single button push.

We will discuss and examine the how to structure your program for ease of debugging and some basic fault finding techniques. Examples will be supplied showing some of these techniques.

We will look at programming security, protecting your code and how excel treats these “macro” programs

How to open other files , copy and paste into another file, sort and manipulate data, close and save files.

Note: Please supply your own laptop with excel installed

Course Day & Time:  Wednesday Evening 7.30 – 9.30pm

Start Date: 20/09/23


Course Format: In class with tutor. Maximum of 12  students

Duration: 10 weeks

Enrolment: Enrolment will open on the 9th of August at 10am. You can enrol online then by clicking on the Enrol Here Easy Payments Plus button

Tutor: David McLaughlin

Note: Please bring your laptop  with excel installed to class. 














MS Excel Automation

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