Course Description:

Sort your money, save more and never be hanging on for payday again

  • Does your money seem to disappear and you don’t know where?
  • Inflation, greener living, higher prices, how can you pay for it all?
  • Could new money habits help you feel more relaxed and happier?

Relax… Getting good with money is easy!

In just 5 short weeks you’ll have your money sorted for once and for all.

You’ll be guided through the easy, simple steps:

  • Sort your money and actually start feeling good about it!
  • Spend less and save more, so you have money for what really matters.
  • Learn the 7 Pillars To Being Money Fit! Saving, borrowing, pension, mortgage and more. Simple and in plain English. 
  • Write your own Future Money Story. Get clear on what you want, plan how to get it and get started. 

Click here to see photos and happy people who got money fit.

This is for everyone… From younger people who want to start on the right foot. Through the money squeezes of middle-age. Right up to older people and the money changes of retirement.

It all starts here, so why not seize the moment and take a great first step by signing up now!

Course Day & Time: Tuesday evening 7.30 – 9.00pm

Start Date: 31/01/23

Cost: €50

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 5 weeks

Enrolment: Opening on Thursday 1st December at 10am You can enrol online then by clicking on the Enrol Here with Easy Payments Plus button

Tutor: Presented by Mark Herman,

 About Mark Herman

I’m a qualified coach and trainer who helps people be their very best and live a happy, rewarding life.

My courses are all about making small, practical changes in the real-world, which are valuable to you and help you to start believing and keep going.

I’m proudly not an “expert advisor” in anything, though I do know my way round money and getting ready for retirement pretty well. Instead, I’m really just an everyday guy who’s pretty good at making things simple, helping people learn and to find the best way for them.

I really enjoy teaching and love a good laugh with a group of learners, so do come along…it’s going to be good craic!

You can find out more about me here:



Mastering Money

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