Men finding balance and real meaning in our busy, stressful lives

Course Description:

  • Do you feel pulled in every direction, under pressure and can never get a breather?
  • You’re so much – breadwinner, employee, partner, father – but how’s the real you doing?
  • Does life ever seem a bit lacking in depth or meaning and you wonder “Is this it?”

It’s not just you, many men feel the same… Let’s do something about it together!

In just 5 short weeks – done online from home – you’ll be on your way to a newly tuned lifestyle that makes you feel fully alive.

Here’s how you’ll get there:

  • Talk and explore the real-world issues that really matter in men’s lives. Stuff like career, relationships, stress, health, finding balance and real meaning…

It’s wide open, so what’s on your mind?

Learn from other men’s experience, see things differently and maybe get some fresh ideas.

  • Design a blueprint for the happy, meaningful life you really want, while still delivering on your commitments. See and value the good things in your life and spot the small changes that can make a big difference.
  • Free power toolkit! (That caught your eye) Yes, you’ll get great tools and tips to help make easy and simple changes in your life, straight out of the traps. Plus, it’s always more motivating and fun to be part of a group all pulling in the same direction.

Man Alive! is for men of all ages and backgrounds. Younger guys wanting to find a solid foundation. Older guys still on the search for more. And guys in the middle being squeezed from all sides.

If you’re a man who wants much more from life, be part of it and sign up now!

Course Day & Time: Monday evening 7.30 – 9.00pm

Start Date: 01/02/21

Cost: €70

Course Format: Remotely via zoom/ google meet

Duration: 5 weeks

Tutor: Presented by Mark Herman @ 

Man Alive

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