Archaeology – An Introduction

Please Note: This course is not running in our Spring 24 programme.

We hope to have it back for our Autumn 24 term.


Course Description:

The School of Irish Archaeology presents an introductory course to archaeology for adults. The programme will introduce the discipline of archaeology from a theoretical and practical standpoint, tracing the practice from its’ origins to how it is executed today, with case studies focusing on the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.  

The topics covered will include: 

  • An Introduction to Archaeology – an overview of the origins and the practice of archaeology 

  • Archaeological Fieldwork & Methods 

  • Timeline of Irish History in Archaeology 

  • Case Studies Focusing on the Development of Historic Urban Centres in Ireland  

  • A Field Trip to the Historic Town of Trim 

In our last week we will take a fieldtrip to the Medieval Town of Trim in County Meath. We will also include in this excursion a visit to the beautiful and scenic site of Bective Abbey on the bend of the Boyne. During the day we will take a closer look at the evolution and development of the town of Trim through its history and archaeology from prehistory to medieval times. The excursion led by Mark, who worked and excavated in Trim as an archaeologist for almost 4 years will take you to some of the known and unknown archaeological hotspots around the town. This will then be followed by a visit to the cistercian abbey at Bective. 

* In this week you will require your own transport

Course Day & Time: Tuesday evenings 7.30 – 9.30

Start Date: (This course will start September 2024)

Saturday field trip from 11am – 3pm (Date to be confirmed)

Cost: €70

Course Format: In class with tutor

Duration: 5 weeks – Maximum of 12 students in class

Enrolment: You can enrol online in August by clicking on the Enrol here Easy Payments Plus button.

Tutor: Mark Kelly & Anna Kohanoff – The School of Irish Archaeology

The School of Irish Archaeology’s mission is to bring Ireland’s rich ancient culture to the public. We bring the past to life through practical, interactive experiences in a hands-on learning environment.

We offer experiences which involve the use of reconstructed archaeological excavation sites, and by exploring ancient crafts and technologies employed throughout time. Our children’s activities are used help them to discover their past by using practical and hands-on forms of learning through the use of simple tools, raw materials and ancient techniques. We aim to introduce the profession of archaeology to children in a fun and enjoyable way. This approach is perfectly suited to a child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to roll up their sleeves, and by so doing developing an understanding of Irish heritage, culture and identity. For teenagers this is stepped up and tailored to fit their school curriculum. We also offer an introductory course to archaeology for adults focusing on the practice of archaeology and Irish cultural heritage.

Ireland’s historical landscape contains a wealth of treasures, which means a different story can be discovered wherever we go. Our workshops, camps and events take in geological and environmental circumstances of ancient times, which often determined where a culture might thrive, and where it would not, presenting a multi-disciplinary experience of the study of the past.



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