Acting Course


Course Description:

When is the right time to act? 

Right NOW! Why Wait? 

You’ll improvise and get to know ‘how’ & ‘why’ improvs work. 

The great benefits accruing for your acting & other aspects of life. 

Also, exercises to liberate & build confidence. Insights into Stanislavski’s System. 

Session 1. Intro. 

                      RELAXATION. Mirror exercise. 

                      CONCENTRATION. ‘Stick to the story’ IMAGINATION. ‘Open the door’. 

Session 2. Introduction to improvising. Objectives & Obstacles. Super objective. Enjoy. 

Session 3. The ‘actors’ problem. We’ll address & solve it. 

                      Place, objects (props), atmospheres. The power of action. 

Session 4. Relationships & Communication. Observation. Magic ‘IF’. 

Session 5. Putting the jigsaw together. Acts, scenes, transitions. 

Session 6. Circle’s of attention. Fourth wall; what about it? We’ll see. Show v Tell. 

Session 7. Here & Now. Moment-to-Moment. 

Session 8. Justification of an action. 

                       Personalise an object. 

Session 9. Approaching the text. First reading. 

Session 10. Exploring the script. The truth of the text. What is the writer saying. 

Course Day & Time:  Wednesday 7.30 – 9.30pm 

Start Date:  20/09/23

Cost: €110

Course Format: In class with tutor. Maximum of 10 students.

Duration: 10 weeks 

Enrolment: Online through our website – Click on the Enrol here with Easypayments. Enrolment will open online on Wednesday the 9th of August at 10am.

Tutor: Paul Brennan

Paul’s work & experience was gained mainly in training at the Stanislavski Studio, under artistic director, the late Deirdre O’Connell. She was a product of the Actors’ Studio, New York.
Paul has appeared in many Focus Theatre productions including
Theatre                            Part                   Production
Focus Theatre Dublin      A Clown            He Who Gets Slapped
Focus Theatre Dublin      Cal                      The Little Foxes
Riot Act Theatre                Old Mahon      Playboy of the Western World
Focus Theatre Dublin      Mr. Barker       A Collier’s Friday Night
Focus Theatre Dublin      Gus                    Toys in the Attic
Focus Theatre Dublin      Driscoll             In the Zone
Focus Theatre Dublin      Guard                Hello Out There

He also directed the Lithium Waltz in Andrew’s Lane Theatre. He has taught  Theatre Studies – Acting and Directing  at Inchicore V.E.C. Theatre




















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