Write and Publish Your Book!

How to finally create and get into print the book you’ve been promising to write all your life…

A step-by-step guide to planning, writing and publishing the book that, all of your life, you have been saying you wanted to produce. Free printed instructional materials that show you how to create, write, develop and how to get your finished book into print.

This Course guarantees you’ll succeed when you follow the writing and publishing roadmap that is all simply and clearly worked out for you. An invaluable guide that shows you how to tell your story – whether it’s a work of creative fiction, extraordinary fact, biography, autobiography, of whatever special interest you choose to write about

Inspiration from former non-writers whose works became bestsellers

Why you shouldn’t allow any anxiety about grammar, language and punctuation hold you back

The key techniques involved in the writing process

The secrets to creating unforgettable characters and powerful dialogue

Guides you with powerful resources that will be of enormous help to you in crafting your story and getting it into circulation

Decide how you should write, how much you should write, when you should write – and how to know without doubt that you are succeeding

Your book will be measured not by its length, or its cover, but by the effect it has on your readers

Getting your book into print – the opportunities and the pitfalls

The magic, the market, and can you make money from your writing?

Decide RIGHT NOW to join us on the journey of a lifetime – your lifetime!

Cost : €135 │ Start Date: │Duration : 9 weeks

Presented by the Self-Development College │
Email: selfdevelopmentcollege@gmail.com

Your Book

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