Colour & Creativity for Well Being & Personal Development

Exploring the 7 colour attributes to engage and awaken your spectrum of Creativity Awaken your senses – Connect to the creator you are

Creating Well Being & Happiness in your life

Do you feel like time flashes by and you don’t really achieve anything? Is life feeling a bit dull and monotonous? Have you seen the popularity of adult colouring books and wondered what it is all about? There have been many of these on the Top 10 best sellers all year!

Are you curious about your creativity? Time to add some Colour to clear the grey in your life! We are all looking for happiness and well being. The Creative Rainbow is an innovative interactive and experiential program that will give you the chance to connect with your creative power of happiness.

Over 8 weeks you will:

• Discover that as an individual you are creative

• Understand the meaning of creativity in its wider sense

• Learn skills to develop your own creativity.

• Awaken your senses

• Be introduced to the use of colour as a means to enhance wellbeing of mind and how to promote a flourishing happy energy filled life.

Become aware of the 7 aspects of creativity shown through related colours and how to introduce these to your life. Over 8 weeks we look at each of these and there will be creative activities to help you.

Red Introducing Passion and overcoming frustration

Orange Introducing fun and overcoming apathy

Yellow Empowering yourself and overcoming self criticism

Green Connecting to all aspects of love. Overcoming inflexibility

Blue & Indigo Expressing yourself and using your intuition

Violet Freeing your imagination

The course will include enjoyable activities to stimulate your creative side and materials provided will be yours to keep and are included in the cost. Shaughna Whelan has worked within the Business world as a qualified Accountant/ Financial Director before finding her inner creativity and colourful side. This course will benefit you greatly as you learn from her colourful experiences and keen insights acquired along the way.

Course Code: 111

Tutor: Shaughna Whelan

Cost €95


Well Being

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