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Technology in our hand becomes technology of the future and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) become an essential part of educational technology. It optimizes learning, improves comprehension and increases motivation for learning, especially for young people who can’t imagine their lives without mobile devices and computers. Augmented reality helps with visual , auditory and kinaesthetic senses and it engages all of them and, therefore, improves the perception of reality. It is already crystal clear that augmented reality apps will change the way we educate our children.

How teachers can benefit by using augmented reality in the classroom:

● Animations and simulations;

● 3D modelling from easy to complex subjects;

● Learning by experimenting and interacting in a controlled cyber environment;

● Deeper exploration of complex science subjects;

● Use of interactive multimedia ;

● Offer new experiences through the use of books enhanced with augmented reality;

● New reading and exploring experience;

● Interactions with teacher at home;

● Broadening the imagination;

● Learning new competencies and abilities;

● Information browsing;

● Facilitation of practical e-learning.

What you will get after this course:

1. Knowledge and information about new technological trends.

2. How and why to use them in your classroom .

3. You will get an understanding of all new AR and VR and will feel comfortable talking about technology.

4. It will be crystal clear how you can implement specific technologies in your lesson plans.

5. In addition to the revolutionary AR and VR technologies you will get a practical guide to using ICT tools in the classroom (with a focus on free solutions): file exchange, cloud offerings, animated presentations etc.

Tutor: Darya Jegorina I Cost: €80 I Mondays 7.30-9.30pm I 5-week course

Masters in Teaching, Bachelor of Business, DBA in International Business

Technology in the Classroom

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