Soap making is not just good clean stuff – it is an exciting

magical process and your personalized cute soap as a result.

We are going to discover answers to the questions “How can I

produce soap at home?”, “Where can I find the ingredients

and what are they?” “How can I make my soap look great?”

Most soap making starts with a glycerin soap base, which can

be customized using fruits, herbs, and essential oils. At this

class, you will not only learn the history and theory of soap

making but also try producing them at our practical

workshops! More fun together !

This addictive class will help you to express your creative side

with – the products that are actually useful. Your own beauty

goods are the wonderful gifts for friends and family.

As a bonus, you will learn how to make lip balms and

washing bombs. Just in few weeks, you become a master of

home spa !

Note: ingredients for your first soap are included in the price.

Code: 217

Tutor: Vasylyna Mosiievych

Cost €110

Tuesday Evening 7.30 – 9.30

Soap Making

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