Introduction to Radio broadcasting, podcasting and voiceovers.

Tutor: Marty Miller  Fee €90  

Start Date: 1st  February 2021

Class Format: Face to Face in Class

Duration: 8 weeks

Time: 7.30-9.00pm


Why after over 100 plus years does radio still cut through? 

In a world over run with social media and lowest common dominator reality TV, why has radio not just survived, but thrived?

Because we like to talk. And listen. We like a story, a nose about, info, news, gossip…

Could you do radio? 

Could you bring your own podcast to life?

Could you sell a product using just your voice?

Like to try?

Our introduction to radio, podcasting and voiceovers will, over 8 weeks give you, a feel for life in media. 

Tutor Biography:

Marty Miller is a radio host with Radio Nova, formally of Today FM, 98FM and more. He’s hosted his own TV shows on Virgin Media and voiced countless advertising campaigns


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