A life-changing Course that shows you how to speak powerfully, confidently and persuasively, whoever your audience

The ability to speak effectively and persuasively is a vital part of how we establish our place in the world. Speaking to groups, large or small, is a fact of life for everyone. For so many, that prospect is more a mini-nightmare then a positive experience. Yet, expressing your ideas should never create so much anxiety.

This new Course, delivered by an award-winning public speaker, gives you a clear and powerful roadmap to ensure you will be able to speak authoritatively, persuasively and enjoyably – whatever the occasion or audience. It guarantees you will be listened to with respect as a powerful communicator, someone whose views and opinion are important and highly-valued. Let us show you how to ensure that your voice is fully heard and respected.

The ability to speak confidently is vital for all of us who want to make a difference, those making presentations, those seeking advancement, managers speaking to work groups, participants in social groups, those engaged in conferences, attending interviews, students and teachers, fathers – and mothers – of the bride, leaders in any walk of life, indeed for anyone who wants to be heard.

Effective speaking has powerful techniques, secret insights that reveal how to do it so much better.
Our self-empowering ten-week Course gives those to you, including the following ‘how to’s’…

● Develop new levels of self-confidence and a positive image of who you truly are.
● Define clearly who your audience are and what they anticipate
● Always base what you say on powerful personal beliefs
● Say everything with sincerity and personal conviction
● Choose a small number of essential ideas you want to convey
● Humanise your story; make it relevant to your listeners
● Instantly grab the attention of your audience – and hold it
● Use the power of human emotion; speak from the heart rather than the head
● Answer the listener’s most important question: how do I benefit from what is being said?

● How to engage everyone in your audience; omit no-one
● How humour brings you and your listeners together

● Use small cards rather than long scripts; speak rather than read

● Use the language of your hands, eyes and body, as well as your voice. Take your time, relax and smile! Don’t over-state, or over-stay
● AND MUCH MUCH MORE… Enrol today to be certain of a place

This Course gives you the power to persuade and to have your voice heard effectively. People may forget lots of things, but they will never forget how you made them feel!

10 Weeks – Presented by the Self-Development College Price: €130

Public Speaking

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