A thought-provoking mind-opening examination of how politics works, who makes the real decisions in society, and how much say you have in the ways in which your life and well-being are shaped.

This comprehensive new Course – presented over 10 evening sessions – will excite and intrigue all those interested in politics and social issues, as well as anyone taking Politics and Society in the Leaving Certificate examination. The Course comes with a weekly set of free notes and vital references.

Among the vital questions we deal with are –

● Who controls your life and living standards – and what part do you play?

● How democratic is ‘democracy’? The good, the bad and the downright ugly

● Who owns the world? Who really has the power in society? And how they hold onto it

● Your rights, your responsibilities and choices? All yours – or are they?

● Cliques, clubs, conclaves and corruption – the patriots and the parasites

● In a world where we consume more than we produce, does mankind have a future?

● Social and political theories of all kinds – the nice, nonsensical and nasty!

● Understanding that ‘the law’ and ‘justice’ are different concepts – and why that is so

● Does the State exist to serve you – or do you exist to serve the State?

● How the creation and control of money enslaves us all (or almost all)

● Are some political and social conspiracies more than ‘conspiracy theories’?

● Human rights and human wrongs – the extraordinary world in which we live

● Does absolute power always corrupt? How political power is used and abused

● Lessons from some of the most extraordinary political events of all time

● What are wars truly about – and who really benefits?

● Do we need more laws and rules in society? Or less? Or any at all?

● Is more or less government the best government?

● What role does Ireland play in world affairs?

● How your government is elected and appointed

● Things you never knew about Ireland’s voting system

● The media’s role in shaping what you think about politics, personalities and society

● Creating political demons: East versus West, Christian versus Muslim, ‘terrorism’ and others

● Does the ‘big brother’ society destroy your privacy?

● And other profound themes of today…

Presented by Michael Keating, B.A., Hip.Ed, P.C., author of Politics, Society and You! a textbook for the Leaving Certificate Politics and Society Course, due for publication in 2019.

The author and Course-presenter is a former TD, Lord Mayor of Dublin and Minister of State.

Tutor: Michael Keating l Cost: €130


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