Mindfulness is a simple yet profound means of stilling the mind so as to experience the bliss of the present moment and thereby discover who you truly are, your ideal career, your future, your relationships, and so much more…

This life-changing Course shows you how to journey to the essence of your being, and guides you on the path to personal enlightenment to help you become the person you were always meant to be. It teaches you how to experience techniques to achieve joy in your life and experience the world in an enriched new way.

Our Course explains, simply and clearly –

◆ How to go deep within and discover a new and powerful you

◆ The philosophy of mind and the magic it possesses

◆ How to utilise the seven principal natural laws that govern us all

◆ How to overcome stress, anxiety and depression

◆ How to achieve goals and objectives that are meant for you

◆ How to experience life mindfully, easily, joyfully

◆ What your thoughts, dreams and fantasies reveal about you

◆ How to become the master of your mind and creator of your fate

The one thing above all others you must do to change your life for the better

◆ The nature and purpose of the amazing worlds within the levels of your being

◆ That science and wisdom confirm that mindfulness produces tip-top health

◆ The secrets to personal enlightenment and an abundant life

◆ The three greatest secrets of a joyful life – and much, much more…

It’s time to access the power and beauty within you. Why lose another precious moment?

This inspirational 10-week Course draws upon the very best of today’s science, international research, and both modern and ancient wisdom to help you bring out the joy in your life!

Authentic comments from past Graduates of our previous Courses!

►‘Wow! Loved every minute!’ ►‘Really excellent – possibly the best Course I’ve ever attended’ ‘►A life-changing experience’ ►’Set me on a new path!’ ►‘Uplifting – and yet fun!’ ►‘Not-to-be-missed!’

Free every week: exclusive Course notes, practical exercises and life-changing assignments

Don’t delay – book now, online, to avoid disappointment, by clicking on the following link: www.easypaymentsplus.ie or by coming along to our enrolment evening September 2018!

Course: 111 l Presented by: The Self Development College l Cost: €160





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