If you live your life mindfully, magic happens! Mindfulness is taking the world by storm –

and it is a wonderful, inspirational and uplifting experience for all who partake.

‘The Magic of Mindfulness’ teaches you an easy-to-Iearn path to personal fulfilment – and

how to unlock the joy and bliss that lies at the heart of every moment and every

experience of our day and night. Rediscover the sheer pleasure of life by experiencing it

in a totally new way!

The door to personal peace, tranquillity, spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment can be

readily opened through Mindfulness. ‘The Magic of Mindfulness’ takes this ancient

technique to new levels – offering you a portal to pleasure, abundance and understanding

of all that has purpose and meaning in your life.

Modules in our exciting and potentially life-changing Course include –

• The Power of Your Mind – How Your Mind TRULY Works

• How to Experience the Joy of Each Moment – Mindfully and Easily!

• How to Banish Stress, Anxiety and Depression from Your Life

• Bring Out the Powers Deep Within You – and Watch What Happens!

• Why You Already Have Within You Everything You Need to Live Joyfully

• Understand Your Thoughts, Your Dreams, Your Fantasies, Your Hopes and Fears

• Mindfulness Can Make the Man – and the Woman!

• Your Personality Type, Your Body Language – and What They Tell About You!

Testimonials from Graduates of our previous Courses!

‘The Course honestly changed my life!’ ‘Probably the most beneficial and enjoyable life-experience I’ve ever had!’ ‘A Course not to be missed!’

Science proves that Mindfulness has profoundly beneficial and healing effects on those who

practice its simple yet powerful techniques. It helps eliminate anxiety, depression, stress and

other negative symptoms, along with yielding proven and profoundly positive effects on your

health and enhancing the vitality of your life at every level.

This Course teaches you all the life-enhancing Mindfulness principles that will dramatically

improve the quality of your life at every level. You will be delighted at how what you learn can

transform your life, including achieving new levels of personal success and a new sense of

understanding of the very purpose of your life.

Why not join us on this highly-successful eight-week Course? You will love these

powerful and life-changing Mindfulness principles and techniques

Presented by Michael Keating, The Self-Development University (SDU) l Cost: 100

8-week course.




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