An all-new Course based on exciting new discoveries and up-to-the-minute research about how your mind creates your life… and what you can do to make it so much better…

Possibly Ireland’s most extraordinary 10-week Course – showing you how the power of mindfulness and the best use of your mind help you discover who you really are – and find the keys to the future you seek…

A brand-new life-changing Course

Course contents include –

◆ FREE: Personality Test! Find out who you truly are – and how to use this knowledge to change and guide your life…

◆ Mindfulness as a doorway to practical success in everyday life

◆ Discover what your dreams and fantasies mean!

◆ Mindfulness – in your job, your life, your relationships

◆ Learn the 30 Laws of Success in Life

◆ How to release the limitless power of your mind

◆ How can we find joy and happiness in life? It’s easier than you think…

◆ The magical habit of Mindfulness

◆ The one thing you must do to find the life you are looking for

◆ The magic triangle: Mindfulness, Science, Wisdom

◆ The 10 greatest leaders of mind-science –

◆ And so much more – including practical techniques and exciting assignments

This NEW inspirational 10-week Course teaches you how to transform your life and achieve what you want, based on today’s scientific discoveries about the science of your mind and decades of training and mentoring with some of the world’s most renowned Teachers…

Presented by: The Self Development College l Cost: €160



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