Release Your Positive Power – In Your Mind and in Your Life!

Tutor: Michael Keating Start Date: Tues 28th Jan 2020

Presenting a brand-new powerful nine-week Course that will help you transform your life in so many extraordinary and positive ways! Shows you how to release the positive power of your mind and achieve the objectives you have always wanted. Let us show you how to understand the amazing way your mind works and how you can unleash its power to accomplish what you truly seek in life.

‘Certainly one of the most powerful Courses ever on how to achieve whatever you want in life’ – Sean Farrell, Managing Director, Mindstream Coaching Ltd.

A comprehensive, life-changing course embodying up-to-the-minute proven scientific principles on using the power of your mind to get you to where you want to be in your life. Course modules include:

How the mind creates the realities of your life
Discover what you truly want in life – and do it now
Why and how you are always creating your life, like it or not
Becoming is more important than acquiring
The 21 most powerful questions you must ask
How your thoughts work – how to shape their outcomes
The reasons for events and circumstances in your life
How to get back up when life gets you down
Harnessing the healing energy that runs through you
Why loving yourself – and others – is essential
Know your personality type and use that powerful knowledge
One fundamental – but easy – step can change everything
The science of how mind affects matter
Relationships – and how to relate to friends and non-friends
How to release the unlimited resources within you
The proven principles of personal transformation
30 powerful techniques that change your life for the better
How the processes that bring you what you want work
What stress is, how to deal with it and turn it to advantage
The 10 key steps to achieving profound self-belief
How to set clear goals for your life and accomplish them

‘A unique and life-changing opportunity’ – J.M., a Course graduate

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Price: €140


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