A powerful but easy-to-learn Meditation

We all have every-day stresses – they can build up, sap our energy and divert our attention. They can make us anxious, impatient, irritable. But when you learn the Unstressed Mind Stress Relief Meditation, you get all the advantages of a less stressed life: you’ll feel calmer, less irritable and overall, you’ll just feel better.

This meditation is taught using simple language and easy-to-follow concepts.

This meditation is suitable for:

● Beginners

● People who have tried meditation but quit

● People who practice meditation but are finding it difficult or would just like to try something different.

As well as learning the Unstressed Mind meditation method, course participants will also:

● Develop a structure that allows them to make meditation a daily and a lifelong habit

● Understand the benefits of meditation

● Have knowledge of the different types of meditation practices

● Understand other methods of stress relief

Tutor: Caemin O’Connor l Cost: €80 l 8.00 – 9.00pm


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