Easy simple steps to have more and get more from it
On this 8-week course, you’ll get your money fit and in great shape, giving you:

More MONEY by spending smarter and saving better.
More CONTROL by understanding better and making good choices.
More HAPPINESS by knowing what’s important to you and using your money to get it.

We know money is personal and that privacy matters. So, we’ll keep it general and won’t be getting into anyone’s personal circumstances or actual amounts openly in class.

As part of a friendly group, you’ll follow these easy, simple exercises towards financial fitness:
1. Find out about the eight key pillars to being money smart and fit.
2. Learn the “must know” stuff about saving, borrowing, pensions, mortgages and more.
3. See your money clearly and write out the details on just one page.
4. Plan improvements to do better with your money, again on just one page.
5. Make it happen! With great motivation tools, tips and support.

You’ll get real, valuable results – in money and more – giving you a great return on your investment in this course. So, get your “trainers” on and take the first easy step to getting money fit by signing up right now!

Tutor: Mark Herman | Cost: €110 │Duration: 8 weeks │Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Mastering Money

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