1922-Present This course is designed to help you obtain a deeper understanding of Irish history, politics and culture, from the Anglo-Irish Treaty up to EU membership. The course is useful for those seeking to understand how Ireland gained independence from Britain and how the country developed a political and legal system of its own after 1922. In class you will be shown how to interpret a rich range of primary source material, such as letters, speeches, official documents, images and video. The study of these sources introduces you to important historical concepts such as interpretation and subjectivity, helping to develop your analytical and investigative skills. No prior knowledge is required and all levels of education/experience are invited to participate. This course will also be of interest to students and teachers of the new Leaving Certificate course in Politics.

Topics covered will include: the Irish Civil War and State formation | the Irish Constitution | Emigration and the Irish economy | Church and State in modern Ireland| Ireland, the UN and the EU | Women and the law in Ireland | The EU and social change.

Tutor: Deirdre Foley BA M.Phil; DCU Ph.D Scholar l Cost: €110

Ireland History

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