Plan your retirement in easy simple steps


Tutor:  Presented by Mark Herman @ www.makeitrealcoaching.com 

“Visit www.makeitrealcoaching.com/hhr to see photos and activities from this great course!”

Cost: €90

Course Format: Blended learning i.e. course available in a face to face class with the tutor and also via web camera using remote learning. Note: please ensure you select the correct course code when you enrol as there will be a different code depending on whether you opt to join class in person or remotely.

Start Date: 8th October 2020

Class Time: 7.30pm-9.00pm

Duration: 8 weeks


Ever really imagine what kind of retirement you would like? Take a moment…
Doing the things you enjoy most, the satisfaction you’d get. Plenty of good time for yourself and those closest to you. Living well, mind and body, and staying healthy. Enough money to be comfortable. Giving something back, continuing your life’s work or maybe a new start.

Sounds great, yet most people give more planning to a Summer holiday than they do to their retirement, a big holiday which lasts 25 years or more!
On this 8 week course, you’ll follow the easy, enjoyable steps to get it:

  • Knowing yourself and what’s important. Spot the good things you want more of and maybe some things you’ll choose to leave behind.
  • Learning how to make it good for you. All about adapting to change, staying active and engaged, getting comfortable in your new shoes, health and staying well, money and pension, good relationships, hobbies, travel, and interests.
  • Exploring with great activities like making a vision sheet of the retirement you want, learning from a guest speaker about their experiences and much more.
  • Planning how to get it – practical and on just one page. And start acting now, easy, and simple, so it’s a welcome pleasure when it comes, not a sudden shock. 

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re one, five or even ten years away. Or maybe you just want to explore options privately, away from your employer. Even if you’re already retired and want more from life, do come along too.
Just like a holiday, your retirement starts the moment you book, so why not sign up now!

“Visit www.makeitrealcoaching.com/hhr to see photos and activities from this great course!”

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Happy Healthy Retired

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