There is a map that points the way towards a happy and fulfilled life – and this

exciting new Course shqws you the signposts, the clear directions and all the rules of

the road you need to embark on that journey towards the life of fulfilment that was

meant for you.

Course modules include

• How You Can Be Truly Happy

• What Science Tells Us about Happiness

• The Seven Key Characteristics of Truly Happy People

• The Happiest People in the Wold

• What are the ‘Rules’ that Absolutely Guarantee Happiness

• The One Thing above All Others You Need to Do to Find Happiness

• This is Where You Look to Find Happiness

• Happiness and Wealth and Abundance

• The Happiness Mind and the Happiness Map

• The Signposts You Should Follow – and Those You Shouldn’t

• The Laws of Happiness that Govern Your Future

• The Three Greatest Secrets of Happiness

This inspirational 9-week Course shows you the true path to happiness – a journey

founded on today’s science and both ancient and modern wisdom. The Happiness Map’

shows you how to make the changes in your life that show you clearly how you can look

forward positively to your future, get the very best out of life, and be happy at every level

of your being! This life-changing Course draws on the best international researches and

experience – and years of training and mentoring with some of the world’s most

renowned and happiness-guidance Teachers.

Authentic comments from past Graduates of our previous Courses!

‘Fabulous – I enjoyed every minute!’ ‘Loved every moment!’ ’10/10′

‘A truly life-changing experience’ ‘Set me on a new path!” ‘Uplifting and very

practical’ ‘Never thought so much good could come from such fundamentally simple

insights and practices’ ‘Fun’ ‘Not-to-be-missed!’ – and countless others!

Included free every week with our Sessions are exclusive Course notes, practical

exercises and happiness-discovery assignments.

Don’t delay – Book now, online or in person!

Presented by Michael Keating, The Self-Development University (SDU) l Cost: 160

9-week course.


Happiness Map

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