Learn the secrets of happiness, as practiced by the world’s leading experts and exponents, based on the up-to-the-minute research findings from the most highly-regarded sources in the fields of science and wisdom from all over the world. This unique course is the result of worldwide research, and brings together the findings of leaders from all over the world in the field of human happiness and personal fulfillment.

Discover the habits and techniques that are practised by those who live full and happy lives – and how you can embody those life-changing practices in your own life, with immediate and very happy results!

If you seek greater levels of fulfillment and happiness in your life, we will show you how to fulfil that yearning in 10 easy-to-follow classes, each backed up by a take-away point-by-point summary for easy understanding, practice and assimilation!

We hope you will seize this unique opportunity to share in the most extraordinary and successful insights into amazing ways of enhancing the human condition and creating the highest possible levels of happiness in your day-to-day life. A truly not-to-be-missed opportunity!

Course: 113

Presented in 10 Sessions by The Self-Development College

Cost: €200

Happiness Course

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