At Every Level, You Can Have a Better, Happier Life . . .

This powerful, life-changing Course offers you the principles, the insights, the practical steps and techniques you need to get you from where you are in your life to where you want to be – to create the life you’ve always wanted, one that’s happy, fulfilled , successful, the life you somehow know is meant for you …

This highly-successful, long-running and inspirational 10-week Course offers you all you need to achieve the life you want so that you can become the person you truly are – and in so doing get the very best out of your life!

This life-changing Course draws on the very best of world-wide wisdom, international research, modern science, esoteric knowledge and years of training and mentoring with some of the world’s most renowned self-development Teachers.

Course modules include:

• The Secrets to Manifesting Your Ideal Life • How You Can Create Abundance • Finding Your Purpose in Life • You Create Your Life All the Time, Whether You Realise it or Not! • Turning on the Awesome Power of Your Mind • The Secrets of a Truly Happy Life • How to Attract Your Ideal Mate • What Would You Choose if You Were Guaranteed You Would Succeed? • Lessons from Extraordinary Lives • Laws that Shape Your Life • ONE Significant Change You Must Make in Your Life if You Truly Want to be Happy • Before it Happens in Your World, it Must Happen in your Mind • Learn the Habits of Success • What Your Body-Language Tells Others about You! • And lots more, in this never-to-be forgotten Course experience.

Authentic comments from some of our Graduates!

• ‘You changed my life!’ • ‘I loved every moment of this Course!’ • ’10/10′ • ‘Brilliant!’ • ‘A truly life-changing experience’ • ‘This Course set me on a new path!’ • ‘Uplifting and practical’ • ‘Extremely helpful Course’ • ‘Eye-opening’ • ‘Not-to-be-missed!’ • ‘Fun!’

Included free are exclusive weekly Course notes, practical exercises and personaldevelopment assignments.

Places are limited so please book now, online or in person!

Course: 115 l Presented by The Self-Development Univesity l Cost: €160




How to get to where you want to be in your life

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