Tree of Life – Creative Embroidery with Unusual Stitches


Course Description:

This course is designed both for beginners and participants with some experience in stitching. 

You will be learning a set of creative stitches: some of them very minimalistic, some other of complex and textural character. You will be working with needle and thread, as with popular embroidery stitches, but your work will involve sewing stitches-over stitches and working with the aid of other everyday objects (e.g. wrapping your thread around a pencil before stitching the thread down onto fabric). You will be learning these stitches on a Tree of Life project designed by tutor especially for this course.

The students will need to provide their own materials and tools for the course. For further information on what materials and tools you will need for the entire course and suggestions on where to get them,  go to:

You can also contact Uisce Jakubczyk (the tutor) directly with any questions related to the course via email to: or use WhatsApp to +353(0)868418384.

Course Day & Time: Thursday Evenings 8.00 – 9.00pm

Start Date: 04/02/21

Cost: €85

Course Format: Remotely via Zoom

Duration: 8 weeks

Tutor: Uisce Jakubczyk




Creative Embroidery – Fibre Arts and Crafts

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