Message from the Director of Adult Education


Normally I would start this message by outlining how many courses we are offering for our Autumn schedule of classes. This time around I have to write about classes that are not being offered and those classes that we are offering will be delivered in different ways. Like most other enterprises we have had to make many changes to the way we run things so that participation by adult learners can be done safely and risk to health is almost reduced completely. On this point please read carefully our detailed COVID 19 notes and guidelines on Page 4.

As I indicated earlier some of our most popular courses such as Art, Pottery, Furniture Restoration, Jewellery Making and Bread Making are not available for this Autumn Term. For the courses we are offering some such as Yoga and Pilates are only available remotely. Other courses such as Irish Conversation and Italian will be available in a blended format i.e. a small number of students in the classroom while others will view the class on webcam. So there is a choice for blended classes-you can enroll for in-school participation or remote participation via web cam. Finally, some classes are available in school only e.g. Guitar and Digital Photography. We have indicated with logos after each class in the brochure the way the class will be delivered.

Zoom = Remote only

Face to Face= In school only

Google Meet & Face to Face = Blended Class


On page 5 of the brochure there is detailed information on how these different methods of course delivery will be achieved. However, if you have attended a Zoom meeting in the last while you basically have all the information you need to sign in for the course of your choice. Also in the office we will also be able to give guidance and help should you need it at any stage.

Some other changes to highlight from the COVID 19 guidelines/notes on Page 4.

  • Most classes are for 8 weeks 
  • Class Times are of 90 minutes duration (except digital photography)
  • No teas/coffees will be available in the school
  • There are staggered starting and finishing times

Finally, since we are not offering Art this term we have to say goodbye to our long standing Art Tutor Herbert Alexander as he is moving further afield. Herbert has helped so many students over the last 20 years to produce some beautiful work which we have been privileged to view at our wonderful end of term Exhibition nights.

Robbie Harrold

Director of Adult Education