CREATIVE WRITING – Getting Started, Keeping Going

It’s often hard to begin writing, even if you really want to, it’s also hard to keep going even if you really want to! Finding time & space, building self-belief & writing habits, all need practice and encouragement.

This course offers you strategies to help you get started & to help you keep going …

In class, we will work on short exercises which prompt writing – opening lines, photographs, objects, images – which you can then continue at home. You will be encouraged to delve into memories, experiences, imagination, as material for your work, whether your interest is in poems, stories, memoir.

There will also be a focus on the tools of the trade: finding your voice, using images, shaping work, writing character, setting, dialogue and building surprise & tension in stories and poems.

We will read samples of writing from published authors – to see how they do it – so expect lively, enjoyable discussion.

Tutor: Mary Lennon (Mary is a published writer and experienced creative writing author)

Cost: €90

Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Format: Zoom Class

Creative Writing

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