A short course designed to introduce the regular Excel user to the use of macros.

Macros are programs which can be created within Excel by the user to simplify many

tasks. The course will cover the basics of the development environment which comes

with Excel as standard.

We will look at program structure and the hierarchy of the objects within the program.

We examine how to record macros for quick code building and interpreting the

resultant code so it can be used anywhere.

We will create input boxes for capturing data and message boxes for user feedback. We

examine the use of RC notation for inserting within formulas .

We will look at building forms and inserting controls and attaching code to the controls

and how to launch the form when starting the file. To select files we will create dialog

boxes and build code for saving the results.

We will briefly examine error trapping and some of the traps that can cause the code to

fall over.

Code: 215

Tutor: David McLaughlin

Cost: €110

Tuesday Evenings 7.30 – 9.30

Creating Macros

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