POLITICS – SOLVING OR CAUSING SOCIETY’S PROBLEMS? A thought-provoking mind-opening examination of how politics works, who makes the real decisions in society, and how much say you have in the ways in which your life and well-being are shaped. This


MEDITATION FOR A CALMER LIFE A powerful but easy-to-learn Meditation We all have every-day stresses – they can build up, sap our energy and divert our attention. They can make us anxious, impatient, irritable. But when you learn the Unstressed

Art for Beginners

ART for BEGINNERS Discover your creative skills by joining an Art Class where you are introduced to the various popular drawing and printing mediums. Essential requirements for beginners are: one good quality backed A3/A4 size sketchpad, three graphite pencils, B,

Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA & ONLINE TOOLS FOR BUSINESS Confused about social media and the internet? Learn how to use social networks to promote your business to a relevant audience. Find out how to ensure that your business shows up in Google