Cooking for all Seasons

With over 20 years experience in the Hospitality Industry from Michelin star restaurants to some of Dublin’s best cafes you are sure to gain a massive amount of knowledge in this exciting yet fun environment.
Using seasonal produce from Irish  suppliers (where possible), the reasons why it can benefit all involved, and how to bring it all together are just some of the elements being showcased in this course.
Learn lots of cooking tips, time management skills as well as being able to balance a dish, create an outstanding meal and enhance your taste buds.
Weekly balanced fun and flavour packed dishes to bring your cooking ability to the next level.
Dish Ideas :
– Toasted gnocchi, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella & toasted walnut

– Pork & leek sausage, creamy mashed potatoes, caramelised onion & thyme gravy

– Smoked bacon &  mushroom rigatoni, finished with rocket & parmesan cream 
– Rosemary & garlic roasted chicken supreme, citrus bulgar wheat, basil yogurt
– Pan roasted salmon, lemon beurre blanc & spring vegetables
– Honey whipped goats cheese, pine nut, plum tomato & balsamic puff pastry tart
–  Crispy smoked bacon, torn toonsbridge mozzarella, watercress, sweet tomatoes salad, balsamic & honey dressing
– Pan fried plaice, caper butter, fennel & orange salad
Equipment Needed for Class:
Tutor will inform students of equipment/ materials needed for each class
– Notebook and pen
– Chopping board
– Chopping knife
– small serrated prep knife
– Medium sized mixing salad bowl
– Frying pan 25cm diameter
– Large saucepan 5 litre capacity
– Whisk – large
– Tin opener
– Potato masher
– Temperature probe
– Wooden spoon x 2
– Cheese grater
– Veg peeler
– Cling wrap
– Tin foil
– Tea towel
– Salt & Pepper

Tutor: Alan Mc Donnell

Cost: €100

Course Format: Face to Face in Class

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cooking Seasons

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