Why Not Turn Your Idea into a Business?

Know that idea you’ve often thought could make a really nice business? Is this the time to finally decide to do something about it? We can help you turn that idea – or your skill, interest, hobby or passion into your own successful business!
Why not discover the steps to establishing a profitable and independent business over which YOU have complete control – and create an independent income that does not depend on someone else deciding your fate? This just might be your lucky day! Included in this extraordinary nine-week Course are all the elements below!


How to evaluate the power of your idea – and where to look for the best concepts
How to clarify and build on your unique strengths
What business are you really in? How to define clearly what service or product you are selling and to whom…
What you need in order to set up – and what you don’t need
The ideal structure for your business
No-cost and low-cost ways of researching your market and market opportunities
How to get to know who your customers really are and market opportunities
Building the best team of staff and advisors
Learn where and how the State and other agencies can help you
Discover the wide range of grants, guidance and other resources that are out there
Building big results with tiny resources – you don’t need a fortune to make a fortune
Financing your business – your financial questions answered
How to write a beginner business plan and how to put it to good use
Costs and prices – how to work out your business costs and pricing models
Growing your business – how to take it to the next stage
The joys and responsibilities of running your own business
Taxes and the other statutory requirements
All the steps you need to create an independent and valuable enterprise and income

Presented by the Self-Development College Email: selfdevelopmentcollege@gmail.com

Course Code: Price: €145

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