“THE GREAT BREAD BAKE OFF” Bread / Baking Class

The class is designed for both beginner, improver and confident cooks that wish to learn the art of bread making. The class will start with the initial techniques involved in basic bread-making and then as the weeks progress the skill level and knowledge of different breads will increase. After the 10 weeks of the course, the participants will have a steady knowledge of the bread-making process as well as working with other yeast dough products that will enable them to carryon baking in the comfort of their own homes.

Learning Outcomes:

● Basic bread making and skills.

● Continental Breads like Foccacia, Sour Dough

● Enriched Doughs, like Brioche and Bun Dough

● Puff Pastry Technique and its products

● Danish and Croissant making

● Hot Desserts to make for an occasion or family get together

Course: 214 l Tutor: Julie Farrington (B.Sc. International Culinary Arts) l Cost: €120

Bread Bake Off

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