Bicycle maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance                     Code  501

Two Week Course: Saturday 18th April 2015 and 25th April 2015 – 10.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.

Cost € 70

Tutor : Michal Ulman

The course will cover a variety of topics, delivered through talks and practical work.

  • An Introduction to Bike Parts
  • Puncture Repair
  • Chain Repair
  • Gear tweaking and changing gear / brake cables

After that we will progress onto more advanced topics depending on group advancement, such as:

  • Cassette Replacement
  • Head-set Adjustment
  • Crank Removal

We will conclude with a:

  • Talk on bicycle safety and correct biking position.

We will provide all tools and parts (new gear cables) required to work on the bikes. We support any types of bikes, so participants should bring along whatever bike they have. At the end of each class, handouts will be provided with notes on the topics covered that evening. Code 501 Tutor is Michal Ulman Cost €70

Bicycle Maintenanace

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