How to Overcome Anything and Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

Here are 14 powerful principles to help you overcome life’s challenges and create a life of fulfilment, success and happiness.
A life-changing, timely and much-needed Course that –

► Shows you the proven steps to overcome the fears that hold you back

►Helps you manifest happiness and success in these uncertain times

►Reveals the truth about the events that shape your life

► Proves to you that, despite everything, you control your life

► Guides you towards finding your true purpose in life

► Explains the nature of money and happiness – and how to create them

► Demonstrates the powerful energies you have at your finger-tips

► Shows you how to overcome loneliness and anxiety

► Offers you day-to-day practical steps to create a better life – and much more!

“An extraordinary and life-changing Course – I strongly recommend it!”

Course Format: Remotely via Zoom / Google Meet

Tuesday – 7.30 – 9.00

Fee: € 100

Presented by the Self Development College                      

Best Year Ever

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